Patriot Powder

Prototyping & Validation

Project Purpose

Patriot Powder is an explosives company located in Colorado. The company believed they could be innovators in the market by selling to consumers through an online platform as opposed to using traditional sales representatives. My job was to figure out how to validate this belief.

The Solution

Before exhausting resource into building and marketing the platform, we agreed to build a prototype to test at an explosives expo. The result was a clickable prototype that mimics what the finished application would have done. With this, Patriot Powder was able to gather a consensus on whether or not consumers would have preferred and used this innovative idea.

Final Result

Unfortunately, the results from the expo indicated there was not enough interest in changing the way consumers currently order explosive products. This is perfectly OK and means the prototype worked. The prototype saved Patriot Powder financial resources, effort, and time through validation.

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