Prototyping & Validation

Project Purpose

In the trucking industry, there are a lot of dark practices that exploit drivers. Oftentimes, shipping and receiving sites will report false information or refuse to pay additional fees for taking too long to load or unload the shipment. This results in drivers paying the price for lost time, forcing them to drive ridiculous hours, which ultimately endangers others on the road.

SDS wanted to fix this problem with accurate check-in time stamps and location tracking of the drivers. With this idea, the hope was to eliminate delivery drivers being exploited and keep roads safe.

The Solution

This problem was very difficult to solve as there are numerous touch points to consider. In order to figure out the best approach, we decided to start with a prototype to validate the workflow.

Final Result

Our end result was a successful prototype. We iterated the workflow and captured touch points for every part of starting and finishing a delivery. This created a strong foundation for app development to begin with a clear understanding of how all the pieces would come together.

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